Productivity Improvement Specialists

It is amazing how much money is wasted, and time is lost by maintaining inefficient repetitive processes and working practices.

We will boost your productivity by identifying and re-designing inefficient process and properly training people who carry out repetitive processes, so they complete them in the most efficient and productive manner possible.

From simple changes in the way individuals use an existing piece of software to large-scale business transformation, we identify areas where gains can be made.

We use business process mapping and management tools such as Nintex Promapp, RPA automation and a wide range of Microsoft productivity applications to help simplify and streamline the way you work.

It is our belief that to be truly productive, information needs to be extremely easy to access on demand. We can assist with curating and organising content to meet the needs of the audience whether it is policy documents, procedures, user-guides or client & supplier information.

Regardless of the format, whether it is video, link, image, document or in note form, it should be easy to search, read and understand without the presence of duplicated, outdated or irrelevant information.

Our experience means that we can advise you on the most efficient and productive roll-out of document management systems such as SharePoint Online, Teams and iManage and we can help build and implement efficiently structured knowledge databases (wikis) using WordPress or SharePoint Communication Sites.

To help senior management and C-suite executives deal with their demanding mailboxes and non-stop communication, we have designed an extremely popular course called Master Your Inbox. This combines all the behaviours and Outlook customisations that are necessary for them all to become Productivity Ninjas!