Our Commitment to Quality

BDO’s brand promise is to be the leader for Exceptional Client Service, achieved by delivering tangible value for our clients through a laser focus on quality and consistent delivery of exceptional service worldwide. The quality of our work is therefore a cornerstone of our strategy and continued operational existence – it guides everything we do.

We are committed to developing and maintaining our strong culture of quality throughout the organisation. A culture of quality is intangible, it is embedded in the people that work within an organisation and those that lead it. That is why we make this public commitment to you our stakeholders, clients and other interested parties – we believe in it throughout our organisation from the top down and the bottom up. We foster a collaborative culture with a quality mindset that is focused on key professional behaviours - acting with integrity, objectivity, professional competence, the courage and confidence to challenge and speak up, and professional scepticism.

Delivering quality work requires knowledge and experience, organisation and project management, sophisticated technology, methodologies and above all, professional behaviour. We have therefore invested in the highest standards of training, recruitment and technology to underpin our commitment.

We have a firm wide System of Quality Management, which is built on the requirements of ISQM1 (International Standard on Quality Management, No. 1). This encompasses our monitoring activities led by our Head of Quality management and overseen by the Board of Directors. Quality is fundamental to our business and is therefore reported on to the Board of Directors as a standing agenda item.

It is an old adage that we are only as strong as our weakest link, therefore our commitment is not only to maintain a culture of quality but also to enhance it, change it and evolve it. We refuse to stand still when it comes to the quality of our work.