Real Estate

Real Estate

In today's global market, real estate investment embodies a new level of complexity, especially in cross-border property transactions. This intricate landscape demands more than just a narrow financial perspective. To truly deliver value and assurance to investors, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach is essential, seamlessly blending financial expertise with broader strategic insights.

To meet the needs and requirements of investors, the real estate expertise in our Audit, Outsourcing, Tax and Advisory teams are brought together within our Real Estate sector team, which services clients holding many £GBP billions of real estate assets.

Our team has many years of expertise working within the sector and has the experience it takes to provide our clients with detailed advice and asset/entity level assurance, combined with a knowledgeable macro insight to accounting, reporting and tax developments impacting the real estate sector.

Our client base includes real estate companies, domestic/foreign property investors, investment funds, non-property companies, government, private institutions and sovereign investors and our services span:

  • Acquisition/disposal support including financial/tax due diligence and structuring advice
  • Assurance and compliance services, including annual audit, covenant reporting or other bespoke reporting, and tax compliance
  • Outsourced services including bookkeeping/accounting and management reporting.