We bring our clients innovative tax planning ideas that are relevant and appropriate.  All of our work focuses on understanding our clients' future plans and objectives and then designing and implementing effective tax structures to help them to meet their goals.​

Our well-planned, effective tax compliance services enables individual and corporate clients to meet deadlines with minimum disruption.  Out efficient process manages risk and underpins our clients' specific tax strategy.  All tax services are managed by the same leadership team; we do not use a tax compliance factory or fully automate the service, although we use appropriate technology to deliver efficiencies.

Our principles when providing tax services

The Principles set out below apply to BDO Limited's tax professionals when providing tax services to clients.

As a firm we are committed to being a responsible business which means acting:

  • Professionally
  • With integrity
  • In accordance with our values
  • In an ethically responsible manner

What we do

Taxation is complex, particularly for businesses and individuals with activities overseas. Our primary role is to help clients ‎understand and interpret tax law and regulations so that they can plan and manage their tax affairs in the context of their personal and business objectives and activities. This includes advising clients in relation to their compliance obligations.

We seek to ensure that our advice to clients adheres to the guidance of our governing professional bodies – in particular the ICAEW and CIOT's joint guidance titled 'Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation' and is consistent with the joint statement on abusive tax schemes made by Jersey's Chief Minister and Treasury Minister on 29th July 2014.

Specifically, our work is undertaken in accordance with the following principles:

  • We seek to ensure that advice is supported by an appropriate basis in tax law and, where differing interpretations can reasonably be taken, the implications of these should be discussed with our clients.
  • We seek to ensure that there is full and proper disclosure in returns made to the appropriate tax authorities.

In carrying out our work we encourage our clients to consider the wider risks associated with tax planning, including the reputational risks arising from the way others might view a particular course of action.

What can be expected from us

We seek to ensure that our work is carried out in accordance with the firm's procedures, which meet relevant professional, legal and regulatory requirements.

We will not assist clients with tax planning that could reasonably be considered to bring the profession, the firm, directors or members of staff into disrepute, or which relies for its success on anything less than full disclosure to the appropriate tax authorities.