Change Management

We drive lasting transformation through stakeholder engagement

While organisations pursue change for various reasons, they often encounter common challenges such as a lack of commitment and engagement from senior management, a complex network of stakeholders, resistance, or disengagement among stakeholders, change fatigue, and employees reverting to old processes or workarounds.

BDO's Change Management service focuses on the human aspect of organisational change, guiding stakeholders through the journey from being unaware or resistant to becoming informed, knowledgeable, engaged, and supportive. We understand that gaining stakeholder buy-in and active engagement is crucial to ensuring that change is not just temporary but lasting. Our objectives include:

  1. Raising stakeholder awareness.
  2. Cultivating stakeholder acceptance, engagement, and adoption.
  3. Enhancing stakeholder capability to participate in the change implementation and transition to the future state.
  4. Identifying and addressing/mitigating organisational obstacles.
  5. Reinforce and embed change.

Our typical clients include change sponsors, project directors, or business stakeholders who are responsible for or involved in implementing organisational changes related to restructuring, workplace transformation, or the introduction of new legislation, processes, and technology.

The Change Management team at BDO combines their expertise in change management methodologies, frameworks, and approaches with other management disciplines to provide tailored solutions that address the specific needs of each organisation.

We employ a people-focused strategy to facilitate successful change adoption, helping organisations gain a holistic perspective and navigate transitions effectively.

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