PMO Setup and PMO as a service

Ensuring efficient implementation, boosting efficiency and reducing costs

We offer a comprehensive suite of project management services beyond the traditional approach. This includes advising on Project Management Frameworks, project management capability assessments, project investment prioritisation, and the creation of Enterprise Project Management Offices (PMOs) or Project Management Centres of Excellence (CoEs).

For organisations seeking greater efficiency and project oversight, BDO provides advisory services for PMO setup, project audits, process improvements, standards implementation, coaching, and integrating PMO practices into organisations. For existing PMOs needing improvement, BDO offers audit and enhancement services, aligning them with specific business needs.

BDO's PMO-as-a-Service is a strategic outsourcing solution, allowing organisations to focus on their core strengths while relying on BDO's expertise, adaptable frameworks, consistent methodologies, and cost-effective resources for project management. This approach minimises risks associated with talent acquisition and ensures predictable and measurable project outcomes. 

Partnering with BDO for PMO-as-a-Service includes tailored roadmaps, tools, performance indicators, governance structures, progress reporting, and resource allocation, empowering organisations to concentrate on core functions while entrusting project success to BDO's expertise. This strategic advantage leads to efficient project management.

Our PMO offers various services, including setup, audits, and PMO-as-a-Service, to improve efficiency and save costs, enabling organisations to focus on their core strengths.