Picture of Peter Charalambous

Peter Charalambous


Transformation & Change

Executive summary

Peter is a Director of Transformation & Change within the Advisory Division, specialised in driving strategic transformations and facilitating change initiatives.

Peter is a highly experienced international banking executive with a strong track record in driving transformative change, improving operational efficiency, managing risk and compliance, and leading organisational turnarounds. His systematic problem-solving approach and root cause analysis expertise have resulted in well-run, efficient operations and effective leadership teams.

Peter's adaptable skills apply to various industries, including finance, the public sector, technology, utilities, and arm's length organisations. He excels in efficient commitment delivery through collaboration with complex stakeholder groups and is adept at guiding organisations on transformation journeys while serving as a Non-Executive Director in finance and third sectors.

Key Skills:

  • PMO Setup and Governance
  • Change Management Expertise
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Alignment
  • Transformational Leadership