ISAE3402 & SOC Reports

We offer global controls assurance services as a key source of independent assurance and advice

Global Controls Assurance Services: Enhancing Trust and Compliance

Assurance in a Complex Business World

In an era where businesses strive for robust assurance of their risk mitigation strategies, service providers face increasing demands from their clients for reliable controls assurance. This need is particularly acute for global businesses operating across multiple countries, where consistency and reliability in internal controls are essential.

Meeting Evolving Regulatory and Customer Expectations

The Growing Importance of Internal Controls

Regulators worldwide are placing a greater emphasis on the importance of internal controls, with assurance requirements becoming more deeply embedded in compliance frameworks. These frameworks aim to enhance investor protection and boost confidence in the market.

Internationally Recognised Assurance Standards

Adhering to the Highest Levels of Assurance and Compliance

The most well-known assurance standards in the industry include ISAE3402, SSAE 18, AAF 01/06, and SOC 2/3. It is increasingly common for service providers to be asked for an assurance report under one of these standards as part of their customers’ procurement processes, reflecting a global trend towards higher accountability and transparency.

Our Expertise and Services

Delivering Comprehensive Controls Assurance Globally

We offer global controls assurance services as a key source of independent assurance and advice on the design and operation of internal control frameworks. With years of experience conducting control assurance assessments for a diverse range of service providers worldwide, we bring a depth of knowledge and expertise that is unparalleled.

Specialised Local Services for Financial Service Providers

Locally, we have honed our expertise in the Financial Services sector, offering specialised services in Fund Administration, Corporate Services, and Hedge Fund Management. Our local teams are adept at understanding the unique challenges and regulatory landscapes of these sectors, providing tailored and effective assurance solutions.

Building Confidence and Compliance

Your Partner in Assurance and Control

Our commitment is to ensure that your organisation not only meets but exceeds the stringent demands of today’s assurance and compliance requirements. Whether you are a global entity or a local service provider, our global controls assurance services are designed to give you the confidence and compliance you need to succeed in an ever-evolving business environment.

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