Insolvency and Liquidation

Comprehensive Business Recovery Solutions

Achieving Financial Health and Avoiding Insolvency

Our primary goal at BDO is to guide your business back to financial health, steering clear of formal insolvency whenever possible. We understand the critical nature of financial challenges and are dedicated to providing solutions that protect the interests of your business and stakeholders.

Expert Restructuring Advisory and Insolvency Services

Our Restructuring Advisory and Insolvency team specializes in stabilising businesses facing financial difficulties. We offer expert commercial advice to businesses, their investors, and creditors. In situations that require legal intervention, we also provide guidance to courts. Our aim is always to protect and maximise value for all involved parties.

Turnaround Strategies: Steering Clear of Insolvency

Reviving Businesses with Tailored Turnaround Plans

Our expertise lies in identifying the root causes of your financial challenges and implementing effective turnaround strategies. We focus on operational restructuring, financial management, and strategic repositioning to breathe new life into your business, aiming to avert the need for formal insolvency proceedings.

Navigating Formal Insolvency Processes

Guiding You Through Every Step

If formal insolvency is the most viable option, our team is equipped to manage the process with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. We work closely with insolvency practitioners within the wider BDO network, ensuring that you receive the expertise you need, whether locally or internationally.

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