Board-Level Facilitation

The board of every company needs smart people, both from within the organisation and from outside it. The best boards not only have the correct combination of executive and non-executive members, but the right balance between people with different skills, industry knowledge, backgrounds and ways of thinking. Greenlight have a track record of working with boards, facilitating workshops for senior executives and directors to help channel diverse perspectives and opinions and come together as a group pointing towards a shared outcome.

Writing a strategic plan is one thing, creating a strategic plan that addresses the real shortfalls, issues, and challenges your company faces is another. While it can sometimes be difficult for those inside a company to acknowledge all the issues, Greenlight can offer an external perspective, asking the difficult questions that no one else might want to raise. As well as working closely with and coaching your board members and preparing directors and materials for board meetings, Greenlight can help you define your vision to bring everyone together as a team.

Why should I consider board-level facilitaiton

A well-designed meeting, externally facilitated, can lead to better actions, ownership and alignment on what needs to be done. Outsourcing tasks such as preparing for, and setting up meetings can free up time for directors, allowing them to put their full efforts into their operational roles. While developing a coherent approach can be a challenge for a new board, the opposite can be the case for a long established one. An external individual can help reinvigorate your board, challenging assumptions and perceptions that develop when people have worked together for a long time and giving your board a fresh perspective and a new way of thinking. Greenlight also offer Non-Executive Director services should you wish for the engagement to be longer term.