• Advisory Manager

Andrei Voinescu

Advisory Manager

BDO Jersey

+44 (0) 1534 510 100


Andrei has demonstrated excellence in driving strategic change and in organisational transformational projects across multiple jurisdictions, organisations and cultures. He has worked in leading international consultancy organisations across Europe for over nine years.

Andrei is passionate about enhancing organisational performance and he consistently helped complex businesses take the right strategic decisions and to implement them effectively.

In the Channel Islands he has been involved in:

  • shaping Jersey’s Island-Wide Cybersecurity Strategy;
  • co-creating and feeding into the digital strategies for key Jersey organisations;
  • improving the operational effectives of large Channel Islands based organisation;
  • performing multiple cybersecurity assessments and IT due diligence engagements;
  • raising awareness of personal cybersecurity through workshops with Non-Executive directors; and
  • helping a wide range of clients comply with the EU GDPR’s requirements.

He is always approachable, positive and ready to provide incisive insights. If you are struggling with a challenge or simply want to bounce ideas, please reach out to him and he will be more than happy to assist.