Managing a Distributed Workforce

Working from home has quickly become the new normal for a lot of companies due to COVID-19 and we expect this trend to continue going forwards.

Businesses around the world have had to quickly shift their ways of working to facilitate employees working remotely, manage the disruption to daily routine and ensure teams remain connected. Digital communication and collaboration online have become essential to keeping organisations in-touch and productive.

We have put together some useful tips and advice to help your organisation rethink the response to these challenges. This includes the following sections:

  • Manage performance and productivity whilst respecting privacy
  • Promote physical and mental well-being while working remotely
  • Positive Mental Health Tips: Helping Cope With Lockdown
  • Managing fraud risks
  • Managing data protection and privacy

Download our 'Managing a Distributed Workforce' factsheet to help you rethink your approach on how productivity can be achieved alongside physical and mental well-being.

For further information please download our publication.